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Monetize your app while controlling your user experience. Get access to global demand, top fill rates, and earn higher eCPMs with us.

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Based on big data and business intelligence, our automatic system will recommend you the most appropriate offer list for your monetization. Then we will check the performance and efficiency of the monetization. Our system will also adjust the customized offer list to improve the performance.

Advanced Technology

Our automatic system will record all the characteristics of your traffic, including the regional distribution, capability and category. All the characteristics will be tagged on your traffic in our system to optimize your monetization effect.

Timely Payment

We align a fixed payment cycle with each qualified affiliate and publisher. The higher the cost, the better the quality, the more frequent payment shall be. Supporting all kinds of currency, instant payment will be done worldwide.

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We provide flexible integration options. Set up your monetization for success with our lightweight SDK, server to server API or Tags

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